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Signing into the portal

Can I choose my own password?

Yes, upon initial registration to the portal, you will be given the opportunity to create a customized password. You may also change your password at any time by clicking on your “Profile” link at the top of any portal page.

What if I forget my password?

The sign-in page of the portal includes a link that you can use to retrieve your password.

Searching for fonts

Which way should I search for the fonts I need?

No one way of searching for a font is better than another, so it’s completely up to you how you search. All search options will return the same results.

I can’t find the font I need, no matter how I search for it. What should I do?

Please contact us directly at [email protected]

How can I determine which languages are supported by the font I need?

Language support information can be found on every font family and font detail page.

What do the font “categories” refer to?

Fonts on the portal are labeled according to recommendations made by our typographers and/or most common usage scenarios. They are labeled as such for search purposes and to be helpful suggestions. Any font may be used in any scenario, even if it’s not categorized as such.

Can I see which characters are in a font?

Yes. On any font detail page you will see a “Character Set” tab. This tab will show you all of the characters included in each font. Some fonts, such as East Asian fonts, include numerous characters and will be listed on multiple pages within the tab.

How do I know what formats are available for each font?

On any font detail page, the available formats are listed under “Product Options”.

Evaluating fonts

Can I try the font out before I buy it?

You may download and evaluate their selected font(s) for 30 days provided you agree to and comply with certain terms and conditions governing the non-commercial evaluative use of the fonts.

How do I get the evaluation font(s)?

Once you add all of the fonts that you wish to evaluate to your cart, select the “Create Request” link at the top of the page. Before downloading the evaluation fonts you must name your project and agree to the evaluation terms presented to you. You will then be given a download link to access the font data. The font request information will be kept on your portal for 30 days.

What happens if I don’t license the font within 30 days?

Requests left open or inactive automatically end once the trial period of 30 days expires. The fonts, however, may still be purchased at any time during or after the evaluation period.

Licensing fonts

Do I have to license an entire family of fonts, or can I just select one?

Assuming that there is more than one font available in a family, you may license a single weight, select weights, or the entire family.

How do I know how much a font costs?

Once you add fonts to your cart and created a request, you can ask for a price quote instead of, or in addition to, downloading the evaluation fonts. Simply click the “Provide me with a quote” box under on the Create New Font Request Screen. Create New Font Request

How do I pay for the font(s) I wish to license?

The portal is not set up to accept direct payments. Once you put in your request to license the font(s), a Monotype representative will contact you about your payment and licensing options.

Will I have access to a record of my evaluation requests and licensed fonts?

Yes. You will have access to an account page that lists all of the relevant information regarding your activity on the portal. Click on the “My Requests” link at the top of any portal page.

For any other questions or for more information, please contact us at [email protected]