Cooper Black (D)

Foundry: URW++

Type Style: Old Style Serif , Decorative , Display , Serif

Languages: Basic Latin , Cyrillic , Latin Extended

Cooper Black (D)

Cooper Black (D)

Cooper Pro Black (D) Font Information


Cooper Black
The Cooper Black font should be used in display sizes only. Cooper Blacks serifs are rounded and the counters are small. Cooper Black was designed by Oswald B. Cooper for Barnhart Brothers & Spindler in 1921 for advertising and posters. The capital O and Q of the Cooper Black font are tilted back; in the lowercase, the dot on the I and j become elliptical. The extra bold Cooper Black font has a remarkable personality and reproduces well in sizes over 18 point in titles, subheadings and generally short sentences.


1920s, 20s, American, anno 1920, black, Book, book text, classical, Corporate, Decorative, Elegant, Female, Fine, formal, French, Garalde, Headline, heavy, Humanistic, Modern, natural, Old, oldstyle, Readable, renaissance, round, Serif, Soft, Text, URW++ SelecType

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