Imprint™ Shadow Regular

Foundry: Monotype

Type Style: Old Style Serif , Display , Serif

Languages: Basic Latin

Imprint™ Shadow Regular

Imprint™ Shadow Regular

Imprint™ Std Shadow Regular Font Information


Imprint holds a special place in the Monotype typeface library. It was the first typeface designed specifically for mechanical composition. Commissioned by E. Jackson, E. Johnston, J. Mason and G. Meynell for a new periodical, called the Imprint, which they were planning. Described later as a modified old style with a Caslon oldface motif." The more archaic features of Caslon were dropped, the weight was increased but certain old face characteristics were retained. The magazine for which Imprint had been commissioned was short lived but the typeface became popular and widely used for book setting. The Imprint font has influenced many later book face designs."

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