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Arial® Rounded WGL Bold Font Information

Version: Version 2.03
Family Name: Arial®
Weight: 0
Character Count: 664
Unicode Blocks: 0000..007F Basic Latin (95)
0080..00FF Latin-1 Supplement (96)
0100..017F Latin Extended-A (128)
0180..024F Latin Extended-B (7)
02B0..02FF Spacing Modifier Letters (9)
0370..03FF Greek and Coptic (73)
0400..04FF Cyrillic (94)
1E00..1EFF Latin Extended Additional (8)
2000..206F General Punctuation (23)
2070..209F Superscripts and Subscripts (1)
20A0..20CF Currency Symbols (4)
2100..214F Letterlike Symbols (6)
2150..218F Number Forms (4)
2190..21FF Arrows (7)
2200..22FF Mathematical Operators (17)
2300..23FF Miscellaneous Technical (4)
2500..257F Box Drawing (40)
2580..259F Block Elements (8)
25A0..25FF Geometric Shapes (15)
2600..26FF Miscellaneous Symbols (11)
E000..F8FF Private Use Area (6)
FB00..FB4F Alphabetic Presentation Forms (2)
Character Sets: Windows CP 1251
Windows CP 1253
Adobe Latin 1
Adobe Latin 2
ISO 8859-1
ISO 8859-2
Mac OS Roman
Windows CP 1252
Windows CP 1250
Windows CP 1254
Windows CP 1257

Description: Arial was designed for Monotype in 1982 by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders. A contemporary sans serif design, Arial contains more humanist characteristics than many of its predecessors and as such is more in tune with the mood of the last decades of the twentieth century. The overall treatment of curves is softer and fuller than in most industrial style sans serif faces. Terminal strokes are cut on the diagonal which helps to give the face a less mechanical appearance.

Arial is an extremely versatile family of typefaces which can be used with equal success for text setting in reports, presentations, magazines etc, and for display use in newspapers, advertising and promotions.

Keywords: Business, Computer, Core, Corporate, Cyrillic, DIN 1450, EU-Fonts, European language support, Greek, Grotesque, Hellenic, Office, OpenType, OT, Rounded, Sans Serif, System, Technical, WGL, Windows