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Verdana Multilingual Bold Italic Font Information

Version: Version 5.00a
Family Name: Verdana®
Weight: 0
Character Count: 913
Unicode Blocks: 0000..007F Basic Latin (95)
0080..00FF Latin-1 Supplement (96)
0100..017F Latin Extended-A (128)
0180..024F Latin Extended-B (16)
0250..02AF IPA Extensions (1)
02B0..02FF Spacing Modifier Letters (9)
0300..036F Combining Diacritical Marks (5)
0370..03FF Greek and Coptic (73)
0400..04FF Cyrillic (120)
0530..058F Armenian (2)
0E00..0E7F Thai (1)
1E00..1EFF Latin Extended Additional (96)
2000..206F General Punctuation (26)
2070..209F Superscripts and Subscripts (5)
20A0..20CF Currency Symbols (22)
2100..214F Letterlike Symbols (7)
2150..218F Number Forms (4)
2200..22FF Mathematical Operators (15)
2500..257F Box Drawing (6)
25A0..25FF Geometric Shapes (6)
2600..26FF Miscellaneous Symbols (1)
FB00..FB4F Alphabetic Presentation Forms (2)
FF00..FFEF Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms (2)
Character Sets: Windows CP 1251
Windows CP 1253
Adobe Latin 1
Adobe Latin 2
ISO 8859-1
ISO 8859-2
Mac OS Roman
Windows CP 1252
Adobe Latin 3
Windows CP 1250
Windows CP 1254
Windows CP 1257
Windows CP 1258

Description: The Verdana™ Family of fonts was created specifically to address the challenges of on-screen display. Designed by world renowned type designer Matthew Carter, and hand-hinted by leading hinting expert, Tom Rickner, these sans serif fonts are unique examples of type design for the computer screen. The generous width and spacing of Verdana's characters is key to the legibility of these fonts on the screen. Despite the quality of the Verdana font family at small sizes it is at higher resolutions that the fonts are best appreciated. In the words of Tom Rickner, ‘My hope now is that these faces will be enjoyed beyond just the computer screen. Although the screen size bitmaps were the most crucial in the production of these fonts [their] uses should not be limited to on screen typography. Character Set: Latin-1, WGL Pan-European (Eastern Europe, Cyrillic, Greek and Turkish).

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